Anna Aarons Drops New Single 'A Perfect Day'

Published on June 17,2021 by John Sparks

Anna Aarons new single is a breezy, happy go lucky kind of track. Released earlier this month and...

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The Velvicks - Run

Published on June 17,2021 by Ryan Goodwin

Blimey. This is a proper 70's throwback. And when it's this good I suggest more bands go back...

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Calboa Emerges With New Single 'Old Flame'

Published on June 17,2021 by George Davidson

Calboa is the most promising music player to emerge from Hull in recent years. Some of the indie...

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Canadian Musician Ormiston Unveils His Unmissable Debut Album, Hammer Down

Published on June 16,2021 by Victoria De La Renta

Canadian musician, Ormiston unveils Hammer Down, his unmissable debut album, released via Lisbon...

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Mike Brew's 'Somedays'

Published on June 15,2021 by George Davidson

Mike Brew's song 'Somedays' is one of my favourites. He is relatively new to the music world, but...

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Minna Ora Reveals Candid New Single 'Fire'

Published on June 14,2021 by George Davidson

Minna Ora's new single, "Fire," is rising across the indie sector. It's a single that's all its...

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Mike Zito Releases 'I'll Make Love To You'

Published on June 14,2021 by George Davidson

Mike Zito, an American blues-rocker, has released a new single, 'I'll Make Love To You,' from his...

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Joe Fox & The Frantics

Published on June 13,2021 by Kiara Thompson

This is a ridiculously catchy track, which just oozes sex appeal. These guys sound like an...

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Ibeji Delivers Soulful Commentary On Modern Politics With Gonto

Published on June 11,2021 by Ignacio Paris Meseguer

A track made from pain and passion, Ibeji’s Gonto is a soulful and discrete commentary on modern...

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M Data Releases Album Of Sublime Electronica - Tomorrows World

Published on June 11,2021 by Anthony Wilson

M Data is an electronic music producer from the North East of England who already has numerous...

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