Mære Introducing A New Release: "Red Room"

Published on July 21,2022 by Kiara Thompson

mære is a music project that doesn’t stick to the usual rules and definition of what it means to...

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Night Ride - Looking For Love

Published on July 21,2022 by Ryan Goodwin

Catchy, catchy, catchy. Oh yes, This one is catchy. 'Looking For Love' by Night Ride hits all the...

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Chandra Chakraborty & Saskia Griffiths-Moore Radiate Charisma With New Album

Published on July 21,2022 by George Davidson

'Together In Love And Separation' is the album on the lips of all those who relish their music...

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5 Weeks Return With Video For Third Soulful Single, 'Believe It'

Published on July 20,2022 by Tracy Dawkins

Following the release of their pop/ rambunctious bass debut, ‘Can’t Have It', and electro-soul...

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Keeley's Debut Release: "Drawn To The Flame”

Published on July 20,2022 by Kiara Thompson

A collection of ethereal, yet energetic dream-pop song with a distinctive personal...

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Mr.Slade Puts His Unique Twist On Blondies 'Call Me'

Published on July 20,2022 by Holly Sawal

Many artists have attempted to create a great cover. Not many excel at this challenge. One artist...

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Keal Alden

Published on July 20,2022 by Sarah Cappelli

As a child who grew up in a small Colorado town in the 80s, Kael Alden loves to reminisce about...

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C.ROSS's Debut Album (Ft. Members Of Destroyer, The Black Crowes, Earthless, Black Mountain)

Published on July 19,2022 by Chad

“Skull Creator” is the new solo record by Canadian singer/guitarist C.Ross, better known as Chad...

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Kihmy's Powerful Single 'Alone With My Pillow'

Published on July 19,2022 by James Lawson

Swiss-born artist and producer Kihmy grew up in Italy, where she started writing music and...

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Motel Thieves - Over The Hills

Published on July 19,2022 by Ryan Goodwin

Holy moly mother of The Stone Roses what do we have here? Yeah , it sounds baggy but so what? In...

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