The Magical New Song From Solo Artist Mark Westberg ‘Galaxy Disco’

Published on December 20,2021 by Kiara Thompson

Mark Westberg is a singer/songwriter based in Santa Fe. He grew up with music flowing through his...

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REUNIØN Release More Beautiful Music To Finish The Year.

Published on December 18,2021 by JayJay

Emerging Pop duo REUNIØN have really made a name for themselves over the past year by releasing...

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AJ Wander Releases 'Take It All'

Published on December 17,2021 by Henry Fox

I came across this track whilst looking for some new music one evening and have not been able to...

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Vancouver Artist Rich Chambers Stays Forever Youthful In 'High School Can't Last Forever'

Published on December 16,2021 by Lib Lib

The type of track that will transport you back to your youth, no matter what era that was, Rich...

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Enjoyable Listens - A Laugh And A Half - Single Review

Published on December 15,2021 by Ryan Goodwin

Wow, where do I start with this track? It's quite unlike most things I hear these days. Almost a...

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Singer-Songwriter Carina Torres Is Quickly Becoming An Asset To The World Of Pop

Published on December 13,2021 by Lib Lib

A track that has had a great response from live audiences, 'Count on Me' is certainly a track...

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"Vanish" Completely Stole My Heart

Published on December 13,2021 by Lib Lib

Emotive and everything you want from a new artist, Tea Sea's transcending new release oozes with...

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Australian Pop-Punk Outfit Wing Defence Release Explosive New Single 'C4 Miles'

Published on December 10,2021 by Alice Smith

Australian Pop-Punk band Wing Defence are back with their latest single ‘C4 Miles’. Following on...

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KESHO Reveals Impressive New Single "Whiskey Sour"

Published on December 10,2021 by Lib Lib

When you stumble across a new track, it needs something that sticks out to completely steal your...

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World Goes Round Release Their Unforgettable Album On Vinyl

Published on December 09,2021 by Kiara Thompson

World Goes Round might be an underground band, but their music has stood the test of time. Even...

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