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Chilled Out Chat With Ghostpoet At Rockaway Beach Festival

Obaro Ejimiwe (also known by the moniker Ghostpoet) had just arrived at the Butlins holiday resort in Bognor Regis late Saturday afternoon when I got the chance to take a little chat with him.

Looking very much like the absolute star that he is in black jeans, black leather jacket and super size spectacles, he strolled up to my hotel balcony with me while I babbled on about how nervous I was.

Ghostpoet was all set to play at the inaugural 'Rockaway Beach' festival later on that evening. As was the case with a few of the other artists appearing on the bill, this was Ghostpoet's first visit to Butlins, and he (as I was) seemed a little bemused at first by the surreal nature of the sun sparkling on the shimmering sea and the seagulls looping past overhead. Much more of a sleepy seaside village than the conventional festival scenes of mud and tents and wellies.

It was an absolute pleasure to have such a lovely, relaxed and laidback conversation with him and to gain more of an idea into the little things that make him who he is. Hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I did! And definitely if you get the chance - catch him while you can while he's on tour :)

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