REVIEW album Reichenbach Falls The Traitor Shore

Perfect end of summer sounds.

The Traitor Shore

Reichenbach Falls

The Traitor Shore is the latest album release from Reichenbach Falls, who are fronted by Abe Davies (vocals & acoustic guitar) and several other off/on members. The Traitor Shore was released in September 2015, with single English Rose featured on the Guardian's Americana Playlist.

And what a mesmerizing album it is. Upon listening to the well structured and laid back, late night vocals, I was somehow transported to the last days of summer, memories of warm nights by a camp fire with friends sharing a bottle of Scotland’s finest.

However I actually replayed the album on a recent trip top the highlands on a late summer day and found it was a perfect accompaniment that conjured up many memories of good times. Yes it’s that kind of album. Laid back, yet interesting enough to keep you listening over the ten soothing tracks.

My favorite is, of course, the wonderful single release, ‘English Rose’. It’s quite a dreamy romantic track that suits Abe’s vocal range perfectly. I also like the track “Branches”. To me he sounds quite Dylanesque in his delivery. “Long Distant Buses” is a remarkable track that brings its subject straight into the listener’s imagination. It’s always been a dream of mine to be sat on one of those Greyhound buses on a journey across the States to meet up with some long distance love or relative. And for 5 mins 50 seconds I was on it. And that’s the beauty of this album.

Someone else will gain some different experience and memory from these tunes. Its karma in a CD case.
Abe is in Scotland holed up in some remote location. If he delivers another emotional filled album like ‘The Traitor Shore’ then I suggest he makes it his home. In fact I may go as well!

I have said this before and will maintain that I am not a massive fan of folk acoustic guitar bands and often find it hard to express what I gain from them, however this album caught me off guard and I found it a very easy listen. And that's a big thing for me!

The Traitor Shore is out now and available through the usual outlets

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