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Good Morning In New York

On Tuesday, October 13th , the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon began its 35th annual showcase of thousands of musical artists from around the world over five days all across bars and music venues across NYC (mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn). Never heard of it? Check it out here:

I found myself at Pianos in New York’s Lower East Side at around 1:30 pm that afternoon to check out Australian duo Good Morning's opening CMJ set.

Despite the band’s name, it seemed like the band wasn’t accustomed to such an early set time, perhaps due to the jet leg of their journey to the States from Melbourne. However, their set marked the first-ever CMJ show I attended that included a baby in the audience with earphones on to protect its ears from the sound of rock and roll.

Good Morning's lo-fi sound consisted of raw guitars reminiscent of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth with a more melodic feel mixed with echoey-vocals.

Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons traded off on the vocal duties, and at one point in between songs they noted the abundance of Australian bands playing the CMJ Music Marathon. They had a point - if you set foot outside of Pianos on Ludlow Street, Australian accents were everywhere!

It wasn’t until the final song of the set, “Cab Deg,” that they showed how well they could harmonize together, and gave a hint at what they were really capable of. An LP, “Shawcross,” was released last year, but I'll be eagerly awaiting their next EP, “Glory”, which is set to be released early next year.

Key Tracks: “Cab Deg”; “Warned You”

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