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December Daze

Janet Devlin

There's a lot that can happen in the space of 2 years just ask Janet Devlin. Following her introduction to the world via the X-Factor her music career has rocketed.

However when comparing Janet to other contestants on the show there are some monumental differences apparent. She has a truly unbelievable voice, it appears she is completely shocked by her own talent and there's an overwhelming sense of fragility about her that screams "wrap her in bubble wrap!".

Not convinced? Watch her first audition for the show and then come back to me.

So when I got the chance to chat with Janet about her upcoming festive EP (we've plugged it above!), picture a wintry afternoon,.. dashing down London's glamorous Park Lane with a hot chocolate in hand... about to head into the depths of the Hard Rock cafe.

We cover everything from her music, why her friends call her "Derek", what make-up she uses, oh and of course why she wrote a Christmas EP in February?

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  • Cannot wait to hear more music from Janet later this year! :)
  • Cannot wait to hear more music from Janet later this year! :)