REVIEW album Guy Garvey Courting the Squall

Going solo works

Courting the Squall

Guy Garvey

So... no long winded intros, no band or artist history, no ‘in depth’ look into why a solo venture. This album is a keeper.

Right from the tribal like rhythmic beat of ‘Angela’s Eyes’ you know this is going to be a good listen. What instantly grabbed me by the ears, however, was the production on this track. It’s almost a one track wonder recording. It sounds almost live. No overdubs just raw music… it’s a brilliant opener.

This is followed by the title track ‘Courting the Squall’ and ‘Harder Edges’ which both have the classic Elbow stamp on them. The latter has a wonderful brass section that takes you by surprise but works so well. Typical Garvey, always thinking.

‘Unwind’ is a wonderful track that unfolds into layers of musical brilliance. This is my kind of music… a steady simple build up, which almost resembles an improvised studio session.

‘Juggernaut’ follows and I’m transported into a dreamy musical journey that relaxes the mind and soul. It’s a beautiful piece of music. Ok I feel like I’m repeating myself now. But it’s justly deserved.

So five songs in and I’m wanting more…then ‘Electricity’ hit’s me. It’s quite an oddity. It’s as though Guy is doing a duet with some long gone starlet. I get what he’s doing, the nostalgia feel. But somehow it leaves me wanting to move on.

‘Belly Of The Whale’ brings things back on track. Wonderful bass line, great lyrics, wonderful brass section (again), just a great track, in fact a great album.

I’m still not sure why artists break off and do solo work. However if this is the result of taking time out, maybe he should do it more often.

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