REVIEW album Breakbot Still Waters

Making dance waves in 'Still Waters'

Still Waters


'Still Waters' is a classy album which does pop, dance and chill with complete aplomb. There are shades of Giorgio Moroder here, particularly the opener "Back For More". Then there is the genius of "My Toy" which does Kylie almost as well as Kylie does.

I am sure there will be many comparisons with the likes of David Guetta but for me Breakbot is much better and a more pure album for dance and pop fans. There is more soul here than I have ever felt on a Guetta release and 'Still Waters' works immaculately without the need for all those famous collaborators. Which in my opinion proves the quality of the songs and the music laid out here.

The production is clean and pure and this is even more apparent when the album is played loud. Hearing this through a massive club sound system can only make it even better. There are some terrifically persistent earworms throughout this classy record.

This is definitely a Saturday night collection with a few tracks that might help you chill on a Sunday morning. Breakbot has said that the album "the perfect soundtrack for a last barbecue around a swimming pool" and I definitely agree with that, but why only last the barbecue?

The songs have some elements of early Prince, Brothers Johnson and are dusted with the best of 80's electronica.
The album is scheduled for release by Ed Banger Records on 5th February. I suggest that you put on your best clubbing bib and tucker, check that your glow sticks are working and buy the album. Then crank the volume up to 11 and lose yourself! Well at least until the neighbours start complaining about the noise!

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