REVIEW gig DMA's The Garage, London 03.03.16

DMA's - The Garage, London

Since Australia’s Britpop exports DMA’s first burst on to the UK music scene at The Great Escape festival last year they have been touring none stop capturing the hearts of 90’s fans old and new and now finally the media are backing them, touted as one of 2016’s ‘Ones to watch’. They are back in the UK to play a sell out tour and have just released their debut LP ‘Hills End’ which is already receiving high acclaim.

Tonight’s venue is heaving and has much more of a lad vibe than we’ve seen as previous DMA’s shows. There is a "DMA’s, DMA’s, DMA’s" football chant and loads of lads making their way through the crowd sloshing about double pint cups of lager all the way.

Kicking off with the feisty opening track "Timeless" from 'Hills End' pint sized Tommy O’Dell swaggers onstage wearing an over-sized Burberry and a baseball cap looking ever the British Chav and delivering his distinct gritty vocals with melody and charm. The big chorus on "Too Soon" sounds like it's walked right off 'Definitely Maybe' and that’s not a bad thing, its great to hear that 90’s sound reinvented.

"Your Low" from the debut EP has a "Coffee & Tea" vibe that you cant help swaying along to but it's "Lay Down" and "In The Moment" that invites the crowd to start surfing and getting on the shoulders with the audience singing the guitar hooks and lyrics before the song has even started. You can’t help but feel excited.

Closing perfectly with the album closer "Play it Out", a massive sing along of a ballad “I’m stuck inside of you, you’re stuck inside of me” Tommy shouts “London, this is the last song, see you next time”

DMA’s are previously a band that would divide opinion but after tonight it’s clear that they are winning everyone over and have become the new cool band without even trying to be.

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