REVIEW gig Ed Geater Barriers EP Release Show

Ed Geater Takes The Roof Off The Sunflower Lounge

Now, I don't know much about this singer songwriter and beatboxer but after spending a evening with Ed Geater I was taken away by the pure talent that this guy has! After every single song old or new The Sunflower Lounge erupted with claps and cheers! I wasn't even planning on writing a review for this show but I felt like I needed to.

This was a EP Release show for "Barriers" so all the songs were played from the new EP then a mix of the old and some brand new songs from another EP that will be coming out later this year.

You can really feel the buzz around Ed Geater, it looking like a really exciting 2016 for the young musician from Birmingham. I can't wait for the new EP!

Twitter: @HelloJake6

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