REVIEW album Miike Snow iii

Euphoric Electro-Pop Masters Return With Swagger

Blending the pop sensibilities of some of the most successful pop producers on the planet with an urge for immediate yet captivating electronica seems like a match made in heaven and across two diverse and expansive LP’s, Miike Snow have delivered on the expectation.

Their phenomenal self-titled debut LP opened the floodgates for a new wave of innovative producers and styles, and in turn sent their name skywards with a plethora of phenomenal live moments and instant classics that set them apart from the chasing pack.

Lead by the falsetto-haven frontman Andrew Wyatt, their perfected sound laid the blueprints for a range of indietronica starlets over the past few years, and returning with third full length-record, they’ve one again showcased why they remain untouchable in their element and the undisputed masters of electronic dance-pop.

With a track record of phenomenal and esteemed pop, there’s no surprise in the pop perfection of tracks such as the cabaret-tinged “My Trigger”, “The Heart Of Me” and standout “Genghis Khan”, the latter building on a lush jazz-infused melody with an undeniably catchy soundtrack to jealous love.

Polished and in order from start to finish, “iii” is a carefully orchestrated affair, showcasing the various caps to their bow and yet offering fresh and boundary-pushing cuts that showcase just how vital a threesome they really are.

Diversifying with the New York hip-hop beats of “Heart Is Full”, Andrew Wyatt’s vocals grow into a more distinctive and sure of themselves tone, professing his tales of unrequited love covered by a brash grittiness unseen from the group previously (punctuated by the remix version of the track that appears with Run The Jewels, full of menace and ferocity from the most in-demand hip-hop collective in the world).

Guests continue with Charli XCX’s turn on “For You”, a playground-esque rhyme that plays like a sugar packed lollipop in its sheer sweet pulsating sounds, morphed with a choppy and abrasive undertone that perfectly contradicts.

Yet, when the Scandinavian trio diverse into uncharted and alternative territory, they pay dividends with the melancholic drawl of “I Feel The Weight” sitting as an album standout. A dark and reflective examination on modern psyche, it’s distorted vocals and chilling orchestration draws to mind the expansive drunk-like tectonics of Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, breathtaking in scope and power.

Their own distinctive style lingers in “Longshot (7 Nights)” a lounged take on a Sinatra-tinged sound that becomes a bourbon whiskey drenched appreciation. In these moments, when steps are taken in a fresh direction, the Snow gang nail it. Conversely, the tendency to play it safe sometimes rears its own head, with “Back Of The Car” and “Lonely Life” slipping into an awkward middle-ground, lacking in that undeniable hook and offering very little when stood on their own two feet.

Reminding us all why they are so acclaimed and revered, Miike Snow have returned with a sound that plays exactly on course with the millennials and thinkers of 2016. Blending and spreading into uncharted and captivating territory, the trio on form are simply untouchable within their field. “iii” stands as a clear line in the sand for a modern generation, and in its daring moments become something even greater.

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