REVIEW gig Sleeping With Sirens Rock City, Nottingham

Sleeping With Sirens' Return To Rock City

The beginning of March saw the welcome return of scene kings Sleeping With Sirens to Nottingham’s Rock City. And as soon as Kellin Quinn and his band members hit stage they were sure to make their presence known, by jumping into a performance as loud and energetic as possible. From the searing guitar riffs and the screaming vocals, to the impressive light-show which emphasized every raucous beat.

Sleeping With Sirens were adamant to make the gig a party, stating from early on that they “didn't’ want to see a single person standing still”, and encouraging a mosh pit to form (which didn’t let out until the gig was over).

Sirens put on a great show, and the audience certainly gave back to them. The atmosphere in the room was palpable, and a quick look around the venue saw hundreds of fans jumping and singing along in unison, with the passion of a cult following in the presence of their leaders.

At one point, between songs, Quinn decided to take ‘spreading the love’ to the next level by starting to individually compliment crowd members one by one (“You, I like your hair. I like your hair too. I like your hat.”), before going on to make sure that the audience as a whole knew just how awesome he thought they all were.

A few acoustic numbers were thrown into the predominantly heavy set list. Rock City was suddenly transformed into an 80s High School prom during a slow dance as beams from a disco ball light slowly rotated around the room and Quinn crooned out sentimental ballad ‘Who Are You Now’.

And after playing a killer version of ‘If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn’ - which Quinn declared as the last song of the night - it took less than a second after the lights cut for the audience to start chanting ‘We want more!’. And they didn’t have to wait long until the band returned on stage for the inevitable encore, which consisted of two songs - old school favourite ‘Do It Now, Remember It Later, and likely most anticipated song of the night, ‘If You Can’t Hang’, which served as a climatic ending to the show.

Guitarist Dave Aguliar even made his way through the audience during the final song, playing his last note of the night at the back of the venue. And before posing for a few mandatory selfies with audience members, he joined the rest of the band members on stage in thanking Nottingham for a tremendous night, before they all disappeared into stage left for a last time...

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  • Sounds like so much fun!! Wish I'd been there! :(