REVIEW gig MOTHXR Live at Birthdays, Dalston

Spontaneous & Electrifying Dalston Fun

Brooklyn born MOTHXR was a spontaneous miracle about four men coming together with an agenda and love of music and nothing else mattered. The guys created a record without any assistance from a label. They were simply four guys who wanted to make a record… a great record and with that came ‘Centerfold’.

Whilst the album only came out in February this year, the guys are far from being in their debut era. When the band first emerged back in 2014 with the electrifying ‘Easy’, new horizons were set. Since then, the band have played all over the world, recently opening for The Neighbourhood before announcing a spontaneous gig at Birthdays, Dalston.

Before the show even began, the band were tottering around the stage setting up and in all true indie feeling, it was great to see a band with so much hype being the forefront of putting their stage together.

The show opened with the gorgeous ‘Stranger’ and as Penn Badley captivated his audience “I’m not a stranger, it’s just a strange land”. The only story that was needing to be told was his captivating lyrics and his dramatic vocals soaring over the electronic beat. As an audience participate, you can easily feel yourself getting lost in the music. The band then delved into album tracks ‘Impossible’ and deeper, almost deprecative vocal ‘Centerfold’.

‘Wild Ride’ followed suit, which Badgley referred to as one of his favourite songs and with it’s bouncy electric guitar booming and led nicely into album cuts ‘She Can’t Tell’ and ‘Underground’. Penn addressed the audience with a “do you feel the feeling?” before tackling uptempo dance number ‘Fight The Feeling’. He bounced around the stage effortlessly and energetically.

The show ended on ‘Victim’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Easy’ and below is an interview we managed to score with Penn himself where we address the album, being a ‘start-up’ band with no real complexities.

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