REVIEW gig Charlie Hole Live at The Forge

Charlie Hole & His Chapel Of Unrest

A few years ago, Rod Stewart announced on radio about a certain male singer who he heralded for destined for great things. His name was Charlie Hole. Since then, he has dropped a 'whistleblowing' inspired EP.

The set opened with the acoustic "Stones on a Sandy Beach"... a track from Charlie's debut album 'The Joy of a Caged Bird'... before heading into newly recorded yet beautiful "Someone Else's Dream".

Charlie spoke briefly to the audience afterwards about his father getting married in the summer and how his dad requested him to write a track for him. Charlie, bantery, suggested singing another song but instead wrote the beautiful "Find Someone Who Cares".

Afterward, Charlie spoke to the audience about Sid & Nancy and amused the audience with a story about doing university shows and asking if the audience were aware of Sid & Nancy to quiet barks and was surprised at The Forge being aware of Sid &/or Nancy. He told the story of Sid's mother and led sweetly into "The Ballad of Anne Beverley".

The setlist ended on the controversial subject matter "The Chapel of the Unrest", a song about disturbing imagery associated with the Catholic Church.

Charlie is a phenomenal talent and through seeing him at an intimate SoFar Sounds to a fully fledged venue, you can see the growth and the excitement of a great artist, who is there already and continuing.

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