REVIEW gig Youth Club Youth Club at The Lexington 22.03.16

Tuesdays Are The New Fridays. That's Official.

Would you like to know what happens when you put three incredibly exciting and entertaining bands together in one room with Kraken and cider on a Tuesday night, then add a little bit of stage diving, robot dancing, and jacket-swapping loving?

Well it begins with a band whose combined age is probably still not as much as me and my lovely gig buddy, even though there are four of them and only two of us.

Judas are four youngsters with guitars that scream ‘love’ and a beautiful rasping rustiness of a more English take on Kings of Leon. These guys are fit and on fire, and oh boy, don’t they just know it.

They play a great set and have a dedicated bunch of fans all going wild on the dance floor. Their new EP is due out in May, and the lead single from that is introduced with “This one’s called ‘Call Me’ it’s for all the girls in the room”. For a band so young, they have the confidence, exuberance and effortless ease throughout to indicate much bigger things to come.

The opening four words on their set list are ‘Intro’ ‘Sex’ ‘Power’ and ‘Love’ which kind of sums up the mood quite well. Set closer ‘Youth of the Young Age’ whips the audience up into even more of a frenzy and it’s evident that Judas have won a number of new fans.

After a brief pause, Haus arrive to a flurry of fervour and there is a serious crush in the room. Haus give it everything they’ve got and it’s getting a bit hard to stay in Tuesday mode to be honest.

This band truly have the Friday party vibes and a celestial mix of vocal ability to lift the fervour to fever pitch. Frontman has all the moves too, shimmying up a platform at the side of the stage and fearlessly leaping off like he was casually jumping off a jetty into the sea, all within sixty seconds flat. Very impressive. This was swiftly followed up with a mini stage invasion, and Wednesday is all but forgotten.

Final headline band Youth Club keep everybody waiting for a little while, but the only reason for that is because they are just so relaxed and friendly and seem to have all the time the fans want or need. I have a little burst of pride when I discover this band are from my home town of Southend-on-Sea.

It’s my first time seeing Youth Club, but my gig buddy has been raving about them for months on end. Think Foalsy kind of basslines with a touch of Habitats about them and you’d be almost there. From start to finish Youth Club have an air of delight and unapologetic, pure, brazen enjoyment of what they are doing.

By the time they’d funked their way through their deliriously contagious assortment of tunes, I’d completely lost track of not only Tuesday, but also the entire month of March. Madness. These guys left me yearning for summery seaside times, seagulls and floral shirts, and happy to say it’s only a few weeks until that becomes a reality.

All three bands are playing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton this May, so if you’re around I strongly recommend that they all make it onto your ‘must-see’ list.

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