REVIEW gig Fat Freddy's Drop Brixton Academy 24th March

Celebrating Easter With Fat Freddy's Drop

The Easter long weekend commenced in Brixton and I was privilege to experience Fat Freddy’s Drop at one of London’s leading music venues – O2 Academy Brixton. This venue has held exceptional artists such as Motorhead, Jaimie T and Kasabian.

The New Zealand seven piece soul artists delivered once again living to the expectation of the audience. They were able to inject the crowd with their smooth electronic upbeat reggae tunes whilst showing off the mixture of musical instruments included in their performance – far more appealing than a DJ in a booth ;).

All seven artists had their own ‘style’ of clothes which made everyone so fascinating to watch. Get-ups ranged from the ‘Blues Brothers’, ‘Mambo Number 5’ and ‘2-Pac’, it matched well...

Probably the best aspect that got the crowd so involved (which is difficult sometimes) was the artists' performed popular songs from both albums; ‘Bays’ and ‘Blackbird’ which infused the crowd, encouraging them to get amongst the music and sing-along!

The assortment of lighting and stage effects helped mesmerize the audience to appreciate the art-deco arena as they bounced off all walls. Brixton is probably one of the best areas you could hold a music gig. You can literally feel the vibe as you walk down from the station, touts screaming "buy or sell ‘Fat Freddy Drops’!"

One of the biggest aspects associated with the crowd was the age variation. Now, don’t take me the wrong way, however the Kiwi 7 have been together for around 15 years and therefore have a wealth of experience in the music industry that attracts all ages which made it brilliant. That’s what attracted me to their music. Everyone from the crowd was in fine form dancing to every beat.

Honestly, expectations were high and they delivered! Well done Fat Freddy's Drop and that’s coming from a Tasman Sea brother ;). If the Fat Freddy’s Drop crew come back to London for another performance I strongly recommend grabbing yourself a ticket. They definitely kicked my long Easter weekend off to a great start!

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