REVIEW gig Dua Lipa Dua Lipa @ Heaven

Dua Lipa "The Birth Of A Pop Superstar"

In an ever increasing climate of alternative pop icons, there seems to be an unmistakeable gap. Whilst the candy-coated outings of Charli XCX took over not only the UK mainstream but inserted itself into a US economy also, and the critically revered Marina & The Diamonds has continued her ascent with a self-examination on modern society that raises distinct questions on the way we all approach life, there’s a missing link where a seemingly living embodiment of city living placates with their own viewpoint on the selfie/celebrity loving pop culture we all are faced each and every day.

That’s where Dua Lipa comes in. Signed to the same management as Lana Del Ray, that’s where the connection ends as whilst Lana revels in the depth and shadows that engulf us all, Dua Lipa lives in the kaleidoscopic realms of the shiny parts of life, setting tongues wagging with a handful of rapturously received tracks that have lined her perfectly in the modern pop hierarchy.

Tonight, Heaven is awash with converts, filled to the brim with lovers, dreamers, festival bookers and label top-dogs all vying to pay witness to the next pop superstar. The neon soaked goodness is punctuated by the DJs playing before hand, mixing contemporary classics with a blend of Jamiroquai, Kanye and even Dua Lipa herself. If ever there was a perfect moment, venue and ear for the vocal talents of Dua Lipa, then this is it.

Posing as a stylish beauty icon throughout, her set is a mixture of deftly fresh cuts, the hugely primed crop of singles that have enlighten a sold-out venue to come down for the evening and some wisely picked covers complimenting her vision and grace.

Opening with new cut “Bad Together” there’s a neon-soaked purity to her presence, never compromising on her delivery yet engulfing in its magnitude. Exuding in confidence and swagger, she exudes a late-night city lifestyle with a gritty edge to her dynamic presence.

"Hotter Than Hell” is a bubblegum drop waiting to be swallowed by the Radio 1 audience, whilst “Muah” is a sharper beast altogether, filthy in its conception and momentum. Excentuated by the pulsating neon lights behind her bearing her name, her depth and arsenal of pure pop bangers is never-ending, with “New Love” erupting a revered reception amidst the sea of admirers. Connecting in a manner which fully lives within a metropolitan cocktail life, there’s a richness and soulful clarity to her voice (which never wavers throughout the set) in a style reminiscent of early Amy Winehouse, Adele and even the rawness of a Lauryn Hill. The pineapple-soul continues with experts picked covers of Jamie XX’s “Good Times” and then a lucid chemical dagger that is A$AP Rock’s “LSD”, that is given new life by the down to earth London heroine.

Pulling and pushing in all the right places, “Running” and favourite ”Last Dance” showcase that dense yet catchy characteristics that make her such a hot proposition, before “Be The One” closes the evening in emphatic fashion, drowning out her on stage magnetism in a blaze of glory.

Sparkling like the sunset strip, in all its glory and darkness, it ends an evening of pop perfection that pinpoints Dua Lipa as the defining name in modern pop, and showcasing a glimpse into the sounds that will soundtrack a summer of hedonism and life.

As a captivating and dynamic icon of generation now, Dua Lipa lives and breathes a lifestyle that can live and dream within a generation. Proving just why she remains such a hot property, tonight is a celebration as to how far she’s come, and whilst she stands speechless at moments, the stages are only set to get bigger as the world experiences her music first-hand. Tonight saw the birth of the next pop superstar, in all it’s dark complexities and imperfections.

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