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Black Foxxes Roar In Birmingham

The room was about half full by the time Black Foxxes took to the stage, yet they walked on like they had been doing shows together for years and years! They played a mixture of new songs and a few old, such as "River" which really grabbed the crowds attention with Mark's vocals ringing out across the room. They have stopped playing most songs from the EP "Pines" as they say the new stuff is just so exciting, which is great but we need to hear it please!

Black Foxxes are now signed to Search and Destroy Records so have been working very hard over the last year or so on the debut album. They will be releasing singles off their album from now till the date of release. It's been a long road for the three piece, having signed their record deal nearly a year ago now but beauty takes time to grow and that's what this fantastic band are starting.

Back to the night in Birmingham and it's took a while but Black Foxxes started to win over the crowd when their new single "Husk" seemed to gets everyone's attention! It sounds a bit of everything that Black Foxxes have done in the past; with huge riffs, bass line to die for and vocals that make heads turn, "Husk" could be soon be the song of choice by many radio stations soon.

Black Foxxes are set to have a very busy summer, already being announced to play 2000 Trees and Download Festival and with their debut album set to come out in August. Brilliant timing, is it all set for a headline tour early 2017? Let's hope so!


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