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Nothing But Thieves Won Over The Parents Too!

Having to move their sold out show in Birmingham due to the opportunity to support Muse on an arena tour, Nothing But Thieves were ready for this gig. Even though it was a bit like a warm up show for the bigger performance at the Barclay Card Arena the next day.

They started off the night with "itch", the techno beat that builds and builds before Conor's voice hits you in the face, in a good was though. The Birmingham crowd was up for a it, Conor asked who had seen them before and only a few people their hands into the air, which shows how far they how come in only a few months. The last Birmingham show was at The Rainbow Courtyard which hold a capacity of 250. The gig tonight was at the O2 institute 2, which has a capacity of 600. Both of these shows sold out quicker than you can say Nothing But Thieves are taking over the world.

Every song was off the self titled album as the five piece from Essex only have one album and one EP! "Excuse Me" was next, a fantastic song from start to finish, the crowd really went for it with the funky beat and yet again Conor using his voice to get the their attention, feet were moving and arms were reaching for the skies as Nothing But Thieves won over not just the fans but the fans parents too!

We weren't just treated to a night of NBT but also Pixies, they managed to squeeze in a cover for a band they adore. The classic "Where Is My Mind" was picked by the band, who said they have been heavily influenced by. After a couple more songs it was onto the encore, started off by the clam and slow "If I Get High" the onto the hit "Trip Switch" which even if you don't know Nothing But Thieves, you'll know this one, it was played, played and played again by a certain radio station in the daytime so Conor said "if you know the word, sing along" and they mic was handed over to the crowd.

All is not over, "Ban All The Music" was the song of choice to finish off the night. That bass line made everyone jump around like it was the beginning of the night all over again! Sadly, it wasn't and soon that was it. Nothing But Thieves have completed another sold out show in Birmingham, they are only going from strength to strength so here's to the next sold out show!

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