REVIEW gig Beaty Heart Electrowerkz

Beaty Heart Have Arrived

An obvious play on words must be said here and it's that Beaty Heart sure do get my heart beating...

Okay now that's said and done we can get straight to the point that these guys are creative genius. First discovering these guys at the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury in 2014, yes I keep mentioning that whenever I see Beaty Heart but it's because I am almost like a proud parent. Watching these guys gather a great crowd in 2014 and certainly keeping us on our toes ever since, Beaty Heart have blossomed into a fantastic and highly intriguing band.

Now selling out Islington's Eletrowerkz these guys have definitely arrived and they completely deserve it. I can't help but link their musical style and creativity to Animal Collective and Metronomy meaning their intricacy and talent is exceptional.

Coming on stage to the sold out crowd on time is always polite and respectful, diving straight into their set mainly consisting of new tracks the crowd was hooked. People dancing and their eyes glued to the stage as Beaty Heart perform perfectly and it's so interesting to watch them engage and feel the music. You can see the passion and talent immensely.

Songs like "Soft Like Clay" with the playful percussion and echoing drowsy beats is a fantastic track to get you really excited for their next album 'Till the Tomb' being released in just a few months time. I can't wait!

Though this song is fun and you can't not dance to it, I felt the gig that I was looking forward to for months was more like a showcase for the second album. As "Just Like Clay" & "Flora" are the only released tracks so being given an insight into their album was great and appreciative, the band lacked the excitement of a fun set list.

Playing from what I recall only two songs from the previous album and no encore the crowd was left confused, with a lot of people asking "Is that it?" and "Where the hell was Seafood". Beaty Hearts riveting track from their first album 'Mixed Blessings'. Therefore feeling more like an appearance than a sold out gig.

However, that must be the magic behind the great minds of Beaty Heart. Leaving us wanting more and more, see you next time guys I'm counting down the days!

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