REVIEW gig Jack Garratt Under the Bridge

Jack Garratt's Secret Show... Shh

He can sing, he can play guitar, he can play the drums and he does it all himself! Is it Superman? No it's f***ing Jack Garratt.

Celebrating 5 years Under the Bridge venue are hosting a range of secret shows with fantastic line-ups, however very much so on the hush hush. Leon Bridges performing the night before, but tonight was all about the man of the hour and Brit Award winner Jack Garratt.

I'll be honest, I was a little late on the hype train with Jack Garratt but as soon as I heard "Breathe Life" and "Worry" I was hooked.

Arriving at the Under the Bridge I was surprised to see that it's literally under Chelsea Football Club and also it's a damn nice venue. Capacity being around 600 and very industrial but jazz-esque decor, the venue was very fitting. The sold out event welcomed with non-stop cheering Jack Garratt on stage and being someone who hadn't seen Garratt live before I was shocked and in awe that he literally does everything himself!

As if the vocals weren't enough, nor the drums and drum pad, or the electric guitar, Garratt also loops and intricately details and effects his music so creatively, I have never seen talent like it before. For the majority of the gig, I was stood there in awe of him. Feeling blessed to have witnessed this talent live.

Great communication with the crowd with a lot of banter and jokes, Garratt treated the crowd like his friends giving him that likeability factor. Constantly joking about "Buckinghamshire" and how "The reviews tomorrow are going to be Jack Garratt spends hour taking the piss out of the crowd"; Garratt wasn't just making the crowd smile for his talent but he had the whole room laughing and feeling utterly comfortable.

"It's cover time!" Jack shouts, already planning one, with the great communication between him & the crowd a request of "Candy Shop" is put forward. Without a second, Jack Garratt is already on it; using the keyboard and his genius mind he does his own rendition of the intro, joking with the crowd to sing along. Completely improvising "Candy Shop" with a second to plan it this just proves the creative genius that Jack Garratt is. Going on to his planned cover of Craig David's "7 Days" and Justin Timberlake's "Senorita" the mix of the two well known songs is just plain brilliance.

Resuming with his songs, Garratt's set list tonight is every fans dream. Performing basically the whole album 'Phase' even with tracks that aren't considered favourites he would bring them to life and make them epic. 'Phase' being a great album and now one of my favourites itself it was so inspiring and beautiful to watch Garratt give them life and intense energy.

Only being a fan for a few months now, it's incredible and slightly overwhelming to see an artist like Jack Garratt do what he does. His talent is ridiculous and seeing it live, he has put himself exceedingly high on a scale that artists who have been around for many years can only dream of reaching.

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  • He's great, followed him for the last few years and watched the rise and rise.....