REVIEW gig Holy Esque Live at The Portland Arms

Holy Esque - Live At The Portland Arms

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Holy Esque live at the Portland Arms in Cambridge. The Portland Arms, venue / local pub always gives an intimate atmosphere creating the perfect vibe for a good concert, Holy Esque’s were no exception.

The band were introduced by two support acts, who both made great use of the space and had great chemistry. The Portland’s stage is tiny and is ideally made for no more than 3 but each of them did really well to combat this.

The second of the two Cathedrals and Cars, Bury St Edmunds locals, debuted a new set last night, including their latest single ‘Art School’, an up beat indie rock track with an edge, a massive crowd pleaser.

Glasgow natives Holy Esque have a way with the crowd, despite Cambridge being one of the smallest shows of the tour, still making it a unique experience.

After 5 years of determination, and more hard work than I can even conceive the band finally got to release their debut album this year, describing it as “representing everything we have been through and everything that is yet to come”. Massive things lay ahead for these guys. Technically they were on point, with a gorgeous Glaswegian roar from Pat Hynes.

The only disappointment of the evening was the size of the crowd, the bands deserved a much larger audience, and all three of them are worth checking out. Just because it’s a Monday, that is no excuse not to go see some fantastic live music. Especially Holy Esque’s these guys are a band that deserve to be big, far more than the crowd at Portland last night gave them.

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