REVIEW gig Skaters Hackney Oslo 12.05.16

NYC's Skaters Return To London

New York’s Skaters are back in town playing at Oslo in Hackney and it’s clear they have been missed. Opening with new favourite ‘Mental Case’ and then debut album bangers ‘Deadbolt’ and ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’ it’s beers and bodies flying everywhere from the offset.

They are here to show off their new ‘Rock and Roll Bye Bye ‘ EP and new track ‘The Loner’ is in our view one of Skaters best to date, a track which shows Skaters off for what they do best, a careering punk number with conviction. ‘#1 Record’,which on record is all about the dubby baseline is sped up live x 20 and is a totally different beast, but a beast nonetheless. They veer into Sandinista Clash territory with first album track ‘Bandbreaker’ a move many bands would find hard to pull off, in their own words “white boy reggae”, but this is why Skaters are a step ahead of the rest where many of their contemporaries would have failed miserably.

From then on it’s hit after hit and b-side ‘Save Her Something Special’ gets probably one of the best reactions of the night before finishing up with ‘Schemers’

Many bands tend to flounder after their first album but tonight’s show and the 'Rock & Roll Bye Bye' EP prove that Skaters are doing things their way and continuing to smash it up injecting a bit of passion into the otherwise fairly safe and stale indie scene. They say they’re back in October, can’t wait!

Photos by Lindsay Melbourne

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