REVIEW gig Katy B O2 Academy Brixton 15.5.2016

Katy B Puts The B In Bravo

Katy B, the lady on a mission...

Being obsessed with her first album 'On a Mission' Katy B set the bar for female artists with her brilliant blend of Electronic, Hip Hop and Bass tracks. Collaborating early with the likes of Magnetic Man and Ms Dynamite, it is easy to recognise Katy B works well individually and even better within a team.

After the slight disappointment of her second album 'Little Red' I was hopeful for the release of her third album 'Honey' which as we all know was highly anticipated as each track features an array of producers and artists. Hearing the single "Honey" featuring Kaytranada I knew this album would be something special.

One aspect I was unaware would be so special is Katy B live; arriving at Brixton (one of my favourite venues) the atmosphere was buzzing. On stage a keyboardist, drummer and DJ; a great blend of live and recorded settings to emphasise Katy B's abilities.

Opening with the fantastic "Honey" the mood and environment of the gig was so positive and felt like a big night out. Katy B's set list was a satisfying mix of old and new, though the whole time I was waiting for the obvious "On a Mission" which she inevitably saved for the encore.

Katy B proving she is an amazing artist both live and recorded, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the gig. Not doubting her but having no particular expectations which I feel terribly guilty of now. I would highly recommend seeing Katy B live and her group of dancers executed the stage giving energy just as much as Katy B herself.

From setting a mission for herself to becoming the 'Honey' we know and love, Katy B is a true and huge factor of the UK music scene. Not just settling for the domineering female Dance, Electronic or whatever genre she executes; Katy B is an artist who is sure to put on a damn good show.

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