REVIEW gig St Lucia The Dome, Tufnell Park, 19.5.16

St. Lucia Delight At The Dome

Arriving on time like a nerdy kid on the first day of school, we were there for both of the supporting acts full sets which were both great warm ups for St. Lucia.

Voes kicked off with great energy and the lead singer had a sensational voice (and hair!). Not being familiar with any of the songs, I still couldn't help bopping to the tracks and listening intently. I definitely see myself adding them to my playlists now.

Muna were the second supporting acts and were what I would describe as a darker HAIM or a more intense CHVRCHES. Needless to say, I enjoyed their set which was passionate and entertaining. Again, another one I have now noted for download!

Now onto the main attraction - St. Lucia (insert love heart emoji galore!)

From the get-go, the band had an infectious and unlimited energy which really spread to the crowd who were jumping, swaying, bopping, grooving and more to every single tune. Every band member looked very much invested in every element of the songs and performances, pulling you in with them.

A technical glitch didn't faze them and they handled it like pros, keeping the audience interested and engaged while they fixed it.

It may be the Aussie coming out in me, but I got a modern, more tropical Bluejuice vibe from them. Which is a great thing if I may say so myself.

The audience really did come first, with the lead singer even jumping into the crowd and dancing around with everyone - much to the amusement and excitement of the girl next to me who got to sway along with him at one point! Jealous? Maybe a little bit.

The music was upbeat and catchy and the lead singer's voice was fantastic and dynamic. Couldn't fault the musical talent in any way.

The only negative would have to be that I'm personally not a fan of forced/pre-planned encores, so was a bit disappointed that they did this. However, the three extra songs were great and worth waiting around for.

Obviously you could not do a St. Lucia gig without 'Elevate' so as the last song, this was definitely a highlight and had the entire crowd jumping up and down. It had me leave on a real high, making it difficult to unwind and get to sleep, but there's definitely no complaining with that one!

The venue overall is quite basic, I get prom-night vibes from the wide open hall. However, it was a great size for the gig - intimate, yet spacious enough to let you bop around the dance floor. Drink lines moved quickly which is always a perk!

There were a few instances when I thought the volume on the voices was not high enough (mainly for supporting artists - think they sorted this by the time St. Lucia came on), so the instruments really dominated and occasionally couldn't hear the specific words. That was a bit of a shame, but definitely didn't kill the vibe.

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