REVIEW gig Yuck Live at The Bodega

Yuck: Quite A Tasty Offering

In the few years since their 2011 self-titled début, Yuck have been on a roller-coaster of a career releasing a further two albums as well as an EP and countless festival appearances and gigs. Their 90's indie sound, somewhat of a rarity nowadays, has garnered them fans young and old all searching for a bit of aural nostalgia. Playing at The Bodega, a modest venue with a capacity of 250 and a low set stage which instantly connects to fans to the act as the band play at an arms length. It’s like a gig in your living room but louder and boozier.

Supported by the Berlin based Soda Fabric, a group you definitely don’t want to follow, even if you are the headline act, because they are pretty good. They would not look out of place with Yuck supporting them on the tour.

Despite some early apprehension from the audience they soon warmed to the openers, albeit after a beckoning forward from the band. It’s hard to pin down Soda Fabric’s sound but enjoyable, snappy riffs and plenty of loud guitars are a start. Their set was packed with a smorgasbord of sound, and by the end of it, a fairly busy Bodega was awash with bobbing heads.

By the time Yuck took to the stage, an already busy room had become packed. Any fears that Yuck’s set would be dominated by their most recent album 'Stranger Things', which some have accused Yuck of ‘mellowing’ on, were quickly set aside with the group playing an eclectic set-list, with tracks derived from their collection of albums and EPs. These included ‘As I Walk Away', 'Middle Sea' and the acclaimed ‘Georgia’.

The rough and fuzzy sound that attracted so many fans on their self-titled debut album was present throughout, proving that even if they have tamed their sound recently, they are not afraid to unleash their rougher, indie edge. The only aspect that could be described as tame would be Yuck’s stage presence, which was fairly static. This can be forgiven however, since the intimate nature of the venue combined with the small and packed stage make it hard to have much movement.

After downing instruments and leaving the stage for a few minutes the band returned for an encore, much to the pleasure of the audience, which topped off a thoroughly enjoyable show from the four-piece.

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