REVIEW gig Band Of Skulls Camden Electric Ballroom

Band Of Skulls... Still Cool.

Being a big fan of these guys I was extremely excited to catch them at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, a smaller gig previewing their new album 'By Default'.

Electric Ballroom being one of few venues that I have visited in London; I was intrigued to see what it looked like and most importantly how it would sound. To put a tick next to both of those, the venue was great and the sound was even better.

But obviously the best factor of this night was Band of Skulls' return, seeing them as a fan and as a reviewer they do a great job of satisfying the crowd by playing old favourites and satisfying those on a job by putting on a damn good show making their performance look effortless. Always on time, Band of Skulls never fail in showing their gratitude and those cheeky smiles are somewhat heart warming adding the likable factor these guys have to their performance.

Though the set was somewhat short, just making it an hour, Band of Skulls performed perfectly and constructed an ideal set list thus making up for the short time. The cool talented bunch that is Russell Marsden, Emma Richardson and Matt Hayward portray energy, charisma and edgy performances that just get you down dancing and having a good time.

Favourites such as "Asleep at the Wheel", "Death by Diamonds and Pearls" received huge applause with the crowd smiling and ultimately having fun with their friends. That's what I love about seeing Band of Skulls live is that yes, they are cool, edgy and nice to look at but there is no falseness or pretentious atmosphere engulfing the gig. You feel accepted and can play around with being a little bit cool, which is highly reflected on their new material. Album 'By Default' still considers the coolness and scratchiness of Band of Skulls but is more soulful and slower. This new shadow of cool was praised highly with the venue wanting more new material.

The gig was short and sweet and their album preview was highly accepted, now bring on festival season and that glorious date at The Roundhouse. I'll see you there.

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