REVIEW gig Black Lips Pit Party #7

Bloody Ears Bloody Hell

It was loud. My God, it was so very loud.

Carrying off where previous instalments had left off, Pit Parties #7 took its 360-degree audience from North to East London. The unrelenting raucousness was still maintained, only on a much more substantial scale.

Hosted at Hackney Wick’s Shapes, this was Fluffer Records’ largest Pit Party to date, and to celebrate the event was extended into an all-dayer. With artists playing over a solid twelve hours there were no frills or pretenses, music was the priority. With sweat a close second. And perhaps denim third.

Some of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming punk rock outfits were on show during the event, with Madrid’s the Parrots, London’s Virgin Kids and Japan’s Bo Ningen amongst the standouts. Support for the support acts was tireless, and on countless occasions the groups joined the crowd on the sticky floor. True to the gig’s name it was a party in the pit, with enough rum punch being thrown around to keep energy levels up from act-to-act.

Headlining Pit Parties #7 were Black Lips, (the rarely considered) seasoned Atlanta rockers whose appearance was their London summer exclusive. They’re a band with a reputation for manic live shows; an impeccable fit for a Fluffer Records night.

It’s been several years since I’ve last seen the four-piece in concert, but the 360-degree crowd definitely adds something to their already captivating stage show. And for a band renowned for mid-gig nudity, seeing something different is always a plus.

Pulling on material from across their seventeen-year career during the ninety minute set, Black Lips linked ‘Under the Rainbows’’ Drive By Buddy into ‘Arabia Mountain’s’ Family Tree into ‘Good Bad Not Evil’s’ Bad Kids. It’s hard to think of a bad album they’ve recorded, and even harder to think of a bad track whilst watching them live. Everything is frantic. Everything is exciting. Both on the stage and off it.

Black Lips are coming back to the UK in late September, and I strongly suggest you head along. The same applies to Pit Parties #8, with Traams headlining their June event. Do both. Hard.

Image courtesy of Daniel Quesada.

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