REVIEW gig Starset KOKO, London 27.05.16

KOKO Shows Support For The Starset Society

Opening for an act such as Breaking Benjamin can be difficult when there are certain elements to the event that make it groundbreaking but Starset are also not your everyday, run of the mill band.

The stage took on the appearance of an interstellar spaceship. With a display board at the centre and three of the members wearing jet-black expedition suits, the four Americans were prepared to tread out and spread the Starset Society message to the KOKO family.

At first glance seeing Starset perform, the first thing that came to most attendees minds must have been something along the lines of melodic metal meeting Battlestar Galactica, but the truth turns out to be far more intriguing than any spur of the moment, meaningless theme performance.

The theatricality of their outfits and platform equipment added an appropriate overtone to their musical fight against a force of anti-intelligent oppression.

Before anyone knew it, the body suits burst into light and Brock Richards, Ron Dechant and Adam Gilbert’s faces illuminated for all to see underneath their head masks.

As haunting as their features appeared painted in light behind a visor, their expressions were nothing short of aggressively passionate as they screamed lyrics with Dustin Bates leading the team in a smart dickie bow and white short sleeved shirt, striding back and forth but clearly owning the audience’s attention.

Initially focusing on hard hits, “Down With The Fallen” proved to be the melodic masterpiece of their evening as the groups wailing became contagious and soon infected the front to the back of the beautiful venue.

The two large wall lights which outlined the bassist and guitarist, brought an additional visual component that continued to display distorted shapes and colour as the infectious songs persisted.

The synthesized introduction of “My Demons” closed their show with huge cries of delight and excitement with “We are one of the same” roaring out among the masses that had Bates running from one end of the barrier to the other with feral energy.

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