REVIEW gig Adam Ant Philharmonic Liverpool 04/06/16

Adam Goes Back To The Wild Frontier

In October 1980 something happened that would change Adam Ant’s life for the next 18 months or so. After an artist dropped out of Top of The Pops, Adam and the Ants where booked to perform the debut single ‘Dog eat Dog’ off the album ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier. It would go on to be his biggest selling album ever. I’m pretty sure that Smash Hits did pretty well out of Adams success, as he seemed to be on the cover of every issue for months and months.

36 years on Adam is back on tour with the album, and judging by the audience tonight in Liverpool’s Philharmonic, he certainly has some dedicated followers. As the lights dim and the last notes of the 633 squadron theme music fade (no idea what significance it has) Adam and his band launch into the song that started it all ‘Dog eat Dog’, To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. Adam looks as fresh as he did on that top of Top of the Pops performance all those years ago. Then it’s on to ‘Ant Music’. It’s a powerful version that shows the skills of the two drummers that make up the band.

Much to the delight of the fans we are treated to the full album in order before Adam launches into his back catalogue, with such tunes as ‘Christian Dior’, ‘ Zerox’ and ‘Car Trouble’ getting a welcomed new lease of life. I’m not a massive fan of this era, but it seems to go down well with the die-hard followers.

But it’s ‘Prince Charming’ that wins the day. Towards the end of the song, the audience are encouraged to join in acapella style. Everyone in the theatre sings along much to Adams delight. It’s a retro moment, taking me right back to the 80’s.
However, my favourite of the night has to be T Rex’s ‘Get it On’, with a guitar solo that’s not unlike the Power Station version from 1985. It’s simply stunning and has the house rocking.

‘Physical (You’re so)' finishes off a night of fantastic entertainment. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. I never used to like the idea of album tours, but they seem to work pretty well and the fans are always out in force for this type of gig. Go watch him, you won’t be disappointed.
Adam will be performing at the Isle of Wight festival and various Rewind gigs around the country soon.

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