REVIEW album Andrea Di Giovanni Soultrip

Andrea Di Giovanni's Soultrip

Soultrip certainly lives up to its name. The five track EP sees Italian singer Andrea Di Giovanni soul-searching over some glossy instrumentals drawing from topics involving his relationship with his father, his vitiligo, coming to terms with bisexuality and his relationship with his current girlfriend. Too often pop singers choose emotional subject matter that has no personal bearing, but Andrea truly sings from the heart and has a wonderfully emotive voice to match.

The EP opens with ‘Hold Me Once More’, a track in which he confronts the childhood distance between him and his father, but done in a positive reflective way. This is followed by atmospheric number ‘Destroyed’ accompanied by a pulsing house beat, tackling inner demons but carried out in an equally uplifting way.

The tone shifts with ‘Save Me From My Tears’ and ‘I’ll Take Care Of Myself’, instrumentally taking a more moody and sombre tone. ‘Save Me From My Tears’ is particularly striking track, Andrea really pushing the upper end of his vocal range.

Heartfelt piano ballad ‘Back to You’ then closes the EP, taking a break from the electronica that has preceded it and returning to a more feelgood tone.

Overall it’s a pretty tight and emotive EP from the singer. It could have more in the way of catchiness, sometimes sacrificing this for atmosphere and feeling less memorable as a result. But the tracks do have a good pace and versatility to them, alternating between soft slowburners and energetic dance numbers. His voice is certainly impressive and I’d like to see the young singer push it even more in the future.

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