REVIEW album Jenny Jarnigan Heart Percent

Jenny Jarnigan 'Heart Percent' Is Quirky & Dark

Heart Percent

Jenny Jarnigan

Singer-songwriter Jenny Jarnagin’s latest EP 'Heart Percent' is out today. Featuring five new songs that showcase her unique voice and ability to tell poignant and emotional tales through her music. On the new EP you will find Jenny mixing rich harmonies with moving melodies and lyrical soul-searching honesty. Over the course of 'Heart Percent', she belts out inspiring songs like “It's Not Right” and “It’s Time” as well as heartfelt ballads such as “Like A River,” and “When Love Is Gone.” Jenny has a refreshing way of expressing herself and telling stories about pain, love and life through tender melodies.

Born in the small town of Sayre, Oklahoma, her passion for music emerged early in life, when she began playing the family piano by ear at the age of three. She pursued her muse in earnest after her family relocated to British Columbia, becoming a church pianist when she was seven and subsequently studying at the Conservatory of Music in Victoria. When she reached college age, Jenny's talents earned her the opportunity to spend a summer studying at the Conservatory of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia. That experience proved to be a life-changing one, broadening her outlook and sharpening her musical skills. Jenny graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor Degree in Piano Performance, before spending some time teaching at Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona and pursuing a Master's Degree in Music Education at Northern Arizona University.

Check her out…you won’t be sorry.

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