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Panda City

Panda City

Panda City brings thought-provoking American alternative hip hop with their debut EP. They are a new outfit out of the South Bronx and they are bringing so much more than just lip service. Listen closely.

NY native and poet Clacc brought together this group of guys that would not be your usually suspects for a hip hop act. A black guy from the South Bronx, two Jewish Yankees and a NOLA redneck. Only together for a few months this group of misfit musicians are already releasing their debut EP. Making this not just a hip hop release… but a multi-genre-blending release.

After listening to the EP it seems that it’s not just me who thinks the rhymers of today should be using their mirrors for taking a long, hard, look at themselves and not just for admiring their bling. Although using the n-word a few more times than needed Panda City is conscious/message rap with a multi musical backdrop. The songs blend together elements of punk, rock and jazz. Overall it’s got a damn nice flavor.

Lyrically the album deals with a lot of things that are problems for all parts of society. The song “Don’t Shoot” explains that guns see no gender, race or religion and anybody can be in the wrong place and in the line of fire. While “Secrets” aims to expose false smiles and the insincere. “People Under The Sun” is an honest tale how drugs can ruin lives or put food on your table. While “Move Forward” preaches a lesson we all need from time to time “Don’t look back, Move forward.”

Panda City’s debut is not a hip hop album; it’s not rock, punk or jazz. But it’s a good new groove and it does not follow the beaten path.

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