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War Waves Return With All That We Lack

All That We Lack

War Waves

With their first album over a year old, War Waves are gearing up for the release of their second studio album, "All That We Lack".

Working with Backwater Records once again, the four piece from Ipswich return with another raw and honest album. As with their debut album, I feel this band takes a very organic approach to creating music. It's all about observations and experiences, rearranged into 3 - 4 minute songs. This mostly makes the listener feel like they can completely relate to frontman Marc Newby.

War Waves are still strongly influenced by 80's & 90’s sounds, like The Smiths and The Gaslight Anthem and that shines through in their stripped back songwriting. The album is filled with simple chord progressions, catchy drum beats and an almost lethargic ambience - which, of course, isn't a bad thing. In fact, it makes for a very pleasing and easy listening experience.

With that being said, "Jean Season" and "With Hands The Size Of Giants" provide a great injection of a fast paced energy, which gives the album a great balance of sound.

In my opinion, "Let Us All In" is the perfect choice for the final track. The guitar work is solid, the drums full and there is something deeper in Newby's voice. Perhaps an emotion waiting to surface? Either way, it's something that reaches out and touches the listener.

All in all, "All That We Lack" is an album worth listening to. It showcases a band with a passion for their craft and I do think the album has a little something for everyone.

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