REVIEW album Logan Metz The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.

A Revival Of Jazz, Funk & Soul

The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.

Logan Metz

There’s nothing quite like classic jazz, folk and soul blended with modern-day songwriting.

As if it came from the Great American Songbook itself, the multi-talented Logan Metz, based in Chicago, Illinois, delivers a smooth, unwinding listening experience in 'The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.', his debut solo album.

From the first note of “Interesting People", the inaugural track, you’ll time travel to the peak periods of Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and Tom Waits – from all of whom Metz draws inspiration.

While listeners enjoy this jazzy tune, they’re able to understand the emotion behind the lyrics, potentially relating it to their own feelings of self-worth. A similar tempo and rhythm is used throughout the song, creating a consistent mood.

A hint of saloon-esque country – a heavily-prominent vocal and instrumental twang – is prevalent in “The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.", the true highlight of the album. This song acts as a ballad of sorts, with the narrator reminiscing about activities of which he isn’t proud.

Recorded with an optimistic vibe, Metz comes to terms with his past, deciding to regain his significant other’s trust by “dropping [his] last remaining quarter in the last remaining payphone in L.A." The outcome is left to your imagination.

Resurrecting vintage funk and soul, “An Evening at the Cove” conjures mystery-thriller film noir. You may visualize a slowly-panning camera approaching the office of a private eye, a sleeping man with both feet on his desk.

Overall, “The Last Remaining Payphone in L.A.” exemplifies Logan Metz’s adaptable vocals and myriad of musical styles. If he continues down his path, he’s guaranteed to become a sought-after crossover musician.

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