REVIEW album Jim Peterik The Songs

Jim Peterik's 'The Songs'- Reflecting Upon A Rich Musical Journey

The Songs

Jim Peterik

Since the 1970s, singer/songwriter Jim Peterik has basked in a remunerative career.

He co-wrote phenomenal hits for the 38 Special, Sammy Hagar, and other popular musicians at the time; earned Grammy and Academy awards for his work; and wrote and performed “Eye of the Tiger,” the anthem of Rocky III.

Earlier this year, Jim reflected on his musical journey by recording “The Songs,” a solo album featuring a bluegrass rendition of “Eye of the Tiger,” and “Miracle at Ground Zero,” a commemorative hymn with a backup gospel choir.

“Caught Up In You,” the fourth track of “The Songs,” channels a 1960s Beatles era with a fierce violin opening. It carries on to the singer pleading that “[he] thought love was a game,” and that his love interest “made him realize the love he missed.” A beautifully produced melody with a touch of Jim’s passionate vocals.

A self-contained piece with a deeper meaning, “That’s Why God Made The Radio” shows appreciation for this medium. Jim explains that music evokes emotion, creates memories, and, through use of the radio, allows you to “feel the music in the air, find a song to take us there, all in the dashboard of my car.”

“The Songs” is recommended to frequent listeners of pop and rock. It’s the best way to witness an artist whose prowess will stand the test of time.

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