REVIEW album Galapaghost I Never Arrived

Cleverly Produced & Thought Provoking

I Never Arrived


Where can you encounter an amalgamation of Americana, folk, alternative rock and experimental? A sense of captivity created by mesmerizing, mental image-provoking lyrics?

The answer is “I Never Arrived,” by Galapaghost, comprising Casey Chandler and part-time member Federico Puttilli.

With each track being melodically different from the last, this album guides a listener through psychedelia and momentary glances at the human soul.

The song “Mazes in the Sky” is brilliantly composed. You’ll think you’re being transported to an abandoned beach on an overcast day, a country road midsummer, and a forever-expanding sea of hills and trees. The themes of regret and minuscule hope are explored through figurative mazes constructed by the songwriting.

A more upbeat tune, the track “The Secrets Our Body Keeps” relies primarily on bass, the electric guitar and synths to examine how our bodies deceive us or shadow true views of our lives. A one-word chorus is used continuously at several points, branding the entire track as a think piece.

In the eponymous song “I Never Arrived,” Galapaghost discusses youthful folly fading into grown-up realism: how he “never arrived” at the imaginary place he thought existed; instead, he makes do with real-world capabilities.

If you’re a music analyst who enjoys dissecting each note of a song, I would consider purchasing this album. Its ambiguity makes it a masterpiece.

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