REVIEW album Countless Thousands You're Goddamn Right

Vital Social Messages Told Too Comically

You're Goddamn Right

Countless Thousands

A fight for equality, acceptance, and a better world, told through enthusiastic punk rock.

“You’re Goddamn Right,” released by enthusiastic rock band Countless Thousands, came to fruition after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Describing themselves as “theatricality without pretense,” this Los Angeles team of musicians used their knack for vocals, guitar and percussion to play music rich with social storytelling.

Just take lead single “Webster’s Dictionary Describes Marriage As....” It starts off with a standard beat tantamount to typical rock groups, but the moment the line “twist and turn, make my stomach churn, sometimes” is sung, you know you’re in for a potent episode.

Although the song lacks substance (i.e. strong vocals accompanied with forceful instrumental periods), the message is clear: love has no rules.

“We’ve Got A Dress Code” laments the frustration of establishing individual identity, given the unwritten societal norms people are pressured to follow.

The singer does a remarkable job at expressing his inner chagrin towards views of supposed “normality” and what is socially acceptable behaviour, clothing, etc.

Relying mostly on quick-paced percussion and blunt jabs at one’s sibling, “Only Child” reveals disdain towards the narrator’s sister for “taking away his baby niece from him.”

He loves his niece dearly, and would give anything to see her, but he feels his sister doesn’t understand his point of view.

Some tracks make “You’re Goddamn Right” sound too comedic. The band tries to disseminate important points, but the songwriting may be difficult to take seriously.

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