REVIEW album The Blue Poets The Blue Poets

A Cathartic Release Through Rock & Blues

The Blue Poets

The Blue Poets

Troubles are temporary, and problems come with solutions.

That’s the sense of revitalization created by the self-titled debut album by “The Blue Poets,” a musical project recently formed by guitarist Marcus Deml, founder of “Errorhead” and recipient of the American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero award.

In his professional life, he’s contended with continual losses and legal disputes, so he considers this album his therapy. Regular followers of The Blue Poets or Errorhead’s genres will certainly deem it as their own.

Just listening to the first notes of the tracks build a sense of therapeutic healing. Rock and blues cathartically release anguish felt by the performers and recordists, namely troubles experienced in their careers.

Take “Shallow Words,” for example. As the title suggests, this song explores the power and weaknesses of spoken words. For the longest time, someone is trusted and knows what to say, but after a while, his/her actions don’t align with what they tell you.

The singer’s voice feels burdened with distrust, viewing words as objects without depth. On top of the immaculate vocal technicality, this song was produced perfectly.

Through the performer’s haunting voice, “The Truth” chases away illusion and deceit by articulating how his life truly is – not free of hardship, but strong and capable of handling any challenge. Its bluesy, ballad-like overtones make it the pinnacle of this album.

The Blue Poets is a music therapy session for anyone treading over a rough patch. It reminds us that although sadness is meant to be felt, even the thickest storm clouds dissipate.

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