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Drowning Man/Ocean Man

He Is Me

For a track entitled “Drowning Man/Ocean Man,” this ambient, industrial melody elicits anything but a sinking feeling.

Drowning Man/Ocean Man” is the brainchild of “He Is Me,” a new project combining the unique gifts of Portland, Oregon-based songwriter Casey Braunger and singer/songwriter Steve Moore of Calgary, Alberta. Its two separate tracks are meant to be heard as a seamless one.

If you’re an admirer of Rob Zombie or heavy metal in general, “Drowning Man/Ocean Man” is recommended for your music library; it’ll soon become one of your favourites.

It’s clear that considerable attention to detail was exercised while mixing this single.

The entire song belongs in a Halloween-themed music video from the late 1990s, or as the titular track of a scary movie viewed and discussed for years to come. Replay the events of the Amityville Horror, Frankenstein or Dracula in your mind, and you may find "Drowning Man/Ocean Man" to be an impeccable match to all the stories.

The song begins with several heartbeat sounds, leading into electronic pulses and a bass guitar. A deep voice, presumably speaking underwater, sings “I am a line drawn in the sand, a deviation from the plan.” The singer views himself as something to which attention isn’t paid, but teaches us that even a nullity carries worth, and sometimes feels human emotions.

Overall, “Drowning Man/Ocean Man” is an exceptional masterwork epitomizing heavy metal and industrial. This duo is currently working on a full-length, debut album.

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