REVIEW album Ramsey See You Bleed

The Darkness Of Letting Go, Using Pop As A Medium

See You Bleed


Followers of pop, electronic, chill and trip hop should embrace the work of Ramsey, a Los Angeles-based experimental pop artist.

Premiering recently on, her newest single "See You Bleed" showcases an exclusive voice that rhythmically grabs listeners by the throat. A quick analysis of her surreptitious lyrics reveals that Ramsey strives to make her work mysterious, complete with stunning emotion and passion. "See You Bleed" is another remarkable gem of the independent music scene, especially where pop is concerned.

Mirroring the styles of Glass Animals, Portishead and Phantogram, Ramsey accumulated more than 2 million plays in only four months of launching a Soundcloud account January 2016. Esteemed publications such as the Huffington Post, L.A. Weekly, Paste Magazine and have featured her idiosyncratic abilities.

"Say you're mine, you need, you're mine. Don't turn me down, please don't deny."

Just reading these lyrics sends shivers down your spine. There are two partners reaching an impasse, one of whom wishes to continue the strong relationship they once had, while the other is unwilling.

"And now I dare you to go harder, I've been waiting for you... open you and set you free; see you bleed.”

Ramsey understands this soon-to-be ex-partner's perspective, and implores that the truth will set him free.

This artist must become mainstream. Her raw talent of inspiring deep thought should be heard on national radio stations.

She is currently recording her debut 10-song album and will be performing a series of pre-release shows late 2016.

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