REVIEW album Glenn Meling Minnesota

A Tale Of Hope & Prosperity In New Abodes


Glenn Meling

Picture a group of hopefuls arriving to a new country. Leaving behind their previous territory, they seek refuge from unrest, economic turmoil, and have high hopes for a brighter future filled with success, happiness and opportunity.

Transpose this image into an audio format, and you have the powerful album "Minnesota," the latest release from Glenn Meling, an independent artist, songwriter, producer, guitarist and pianist from Oslo, Norway.

Finding homes for himself in Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, and countries around the world, Glenn became interested in the stories of his natives calling the United States home in the 1800s. While living in London, he learned the art of music practice and performance.

With the release of this album October 14, 2016, he's married his passion for immigration towards the end of the Industrial Revolution with the creative freedom of music.

"Brother Jonathan" - an early term for Uncle Sam - sounds medieval in its way, placing in your mind black-and-white photos of Norwegians crossing the Atlantic seeking new lives. As the song progresses, the tempo changes to a slightly happier tone, signifying the arrival of these people in America.

As the lead single, it is a fantastic way to tell these peoples' stories, and is amazingly produced.

"The New Day" celebrates a new beginning in another country. A chance for Norwegian immigrants to attend school, seek employment, and start families. It's generally happy in nature, featuring a steady drum beat accompanied by the lyrics "the sun shines with a promise for the immigrants of Europe." A feel-good tune with a strong, positive theme.

"Minnesota" is recommended for fans of pop, rock and Americana, and albums with promising, optimistic vibes.

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