REVIEW album Post Death Soundtrack The Unlearning Curve

Speaking A Language Of Dreams

The Unlearning Curve

Post Death Soundtrack

Can music be used as a healing tool or translator? Canadian psychedelic and trip-hop band Post Death Soundtrack believes so. Hosting healing rituals and speaking an unconventional dream language are the themes of their latest CD release.

Think Alice in Wonderland; the timeless works of David Bowie and post-1967 Beatles; as well as Skinny Puppy and Portishead. Combine and twist all these works and you're met with 'The Unlearning Curve', the elusive follow-up album released by the inter-city group.

After a three year hiatus - Post Death Soundtrack released 'Ultraviolence' in 2010 and opened for Canadian electro-industrial band Front Line Assembly - the group has returned to the independent music scene with a continuous nine-track story of a person questioning her reality.

"Little Alice" is the bridge between our world and imagination. As the character drifts off to a deep sleep, her brain becomes more active than in waking life. She sees unusually-shaped, magenta storm clouds covering bouts of lightning. Ahead of her are grotesque-looking animals wandering about. This track perfectly symbolizes a gateway into a dream world where anything is possible.

The sound of chains breaking in "Through the Gates" lead us to this fantasy world. Our character is feeling apprehensive about this new environment, while the fraught piano notes paint its landscape.

"Transform in White Light," the final track, has the character admitting that she's "licked the broken glass for a taste of the truth, only to find out the answer is in her." The character realizes this place exists only in her mind, and must come to terms with her life in the real world. She's encouraged to "let her colours run" and be herself.

'The Unlearning Curve' is beautifully written, recorded and performed.

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