REVIEW album He Is Me Drowning Man/Ocean Man

Drowning Man/Ocean Man - A Multidimensional Visual Aid

Drowning Man/Ocean Man

He Is Me

The exclusive talents of Portland, Oregon-based musician/songwriter Casey Braunger and vocalist/songwriter Steve Moore of Calgary, Alberta released "Drowning Man/Ocean Man," a duology of tracks meant to be heard as a single piece.

One half of the song leads to the other in an audible aquatic adventure.

Metal Injection, the industry's leading metal news, music video and tour date source, described them as one of the best projects to emerge from Canada this decade.

With the release of an accompanying video, acting as a strong visual aid complementing the vocals, 'He Is Me' has lived up to those words. Right from the introduction, the production of music videos has been taken to new heights.

As soon as you press play, you're welcomed by the single's artwork flashing against multi-dimensional air bubbles. The sun gleams through the surface, dancing along with the buoyant drum beat.

It fades away slowly when "I'm a line drawn in the sand" is sung, with the bubbles forming a two-point perspective as they float ahead of you.

Casey and Steve focus on human inferiority. Drowning on a cheery day is an allegorical technique representing the world around you being pleasant, while you believe you aren’t.

Images of children laughing, an exit sign and sorrowful eyes display temporarily. The singer is tormented by his thoughts of defeat - "I am a deviation from the plan." Everyone around him is perfect; he doesn't measure up.

This self-reflection captures inadequacy haunting the mind. It prompts you to re-examine yourself and express your imbalances effectively.

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