REVIEW album Dino Jag Breakthrough

Heartbreak, Maturity & Rejuvenation


Dino Jag

Positivity is contagious. Released as a teaser to his latest EP, pop artist Dino Jag's "You Make Me Feel So Good" will brighten your spirits and eliminate thoughts of bleakness.

Hailing from Australia and internationally-acclaimed, Dino Jag has had the honour of recording at a legendary Los Angeles studio with a Grammy Award winning producer.

In 2005, he was first recognized in independent music after performing a sensational cover of "Play That Funky Music," a classic, 70s, R&B song. This rendition catapulted to No. 8 in Australia, No. 34 in Denmark, procured a noteworthy amount of radio airplay.

One of his first original singles was "Calling All The Saints," which became the No. 1 most-purchased song on Oxfam America, a charitable organization seeking the end of poverty and homelessness among families.

His upcoming EP, entitled 'Breakthrough', was conceived at the Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood with the expertise of Jeff Boya.

On Oct. 28, 2016, Dino released "You Make Me Feel So Good" as 'Breakthrough's' lead single. When you first hear it, you'll be reminded of Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5 and OneRepublic.

It's as if all three artists joined forces to create a new, unheard-before sound. It channels happy, hopeful vibes, serving as a catalyst for optimistic behaviour after meeting someone you'll soon consider as a close friend, or quite possibly a significant other.

Throughout the song, the groovy, soft drum beat complements a bluesy rhythm and appropriate tempo. Dino Jag is elated that he's met a "special someone," listing all his/her remarkable qualities.

A rather scene-setting tune, "Two Young Hearts" depicts two partners breaking ties. While one storms away angrily, the other questions his actions and tries to determine what went wrong. He concludes they were "two young hearts shooting for the stars, we made it to the moon but got lost on Mars."

'Breakthrough' is recommended for people who have faced heartbreak, renewal and rejuvenation.

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