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Personal & Social Awareness - The Anthems Of Chameleon Technology

Blank Canvas

Chameleon Technology

For a decent part of his career, one-man anthem creator Chameleon Technology (also known as ChamTech), founded by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Max Histrionic in August 2009, was the drummer in several hometown bands. For a time, it worked well and he was happy with the results.

Behind the scenes, ChamTech pursued his true passion: writing micro-anthems and eventually transposing them onto vivid multimedia. This eureka moment occurred to Max in the summer of 2015, and since then, he's succeeded in constructing Chameleon Technology's Live Multimedia Experience.

As a musician, Max/Chameleon Technology pushes boundaries, effectively establishing a distinctive brand.

His latest EP, "Blank Canvas", features five tracks with themes of personal and social awareness. When you think of a national anthem, you hear a song with which you associate a country's identity. The same concept applies to "Blank Canvas," which acts as a passive observer to everyday happenings in society.

The lead single, sharing it's title with the EP, revives Green Day and Linkin Park. Aggressive punk, metal and industrial literally wipe a painter's canvas clean, allowing the listener to shed his/her feelings of emptiness due to societal demands. Max is a talented screamer, and proves this during the song's refrain.

Although lifestyle may be considered a cultural or relatively artsy topic, "Lifestyle Science" confirms that it's scientific. The heavy use of electric guitars and Max's fluid vocals technically differentiates this think piece from the rest of "Blank Canvas".

"Serin's Vending", the second track, follows suit by emitting classic punk and the art of non-conformity and living on your own terms.

As an EP, "Blank Canvas" brilliantly transcribes acceptance of personality and its variety.

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