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What A Great Album!

Back To Somewhere


In June 2009, Piers Martin from Uncut Magazine reviewed a compilation of STEREO.

Most of these acts could learn a thing or two from STEREO, a French synth-wave duo actually from the early eighties, whose brief but brilliant career is compiled on 'Somewhere In The Night' on Minimal Waves Records.

Amid a good deal of fizzing disco and queer white funk, the title track - a simmering sci-fi love song - remains STEREO's masterpiece.

The new album 'Back To Somewhere' is as good as the first one especially the songs "Waiting in vain", "Spirits" and "New day dawning".

Great work!!!

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  • Surely one of the best French bands of the 80's. And who deserved a recognition superior to what it was !
  • If you like the early eighties sound, this album is the clear example that you can make fresh and cool sound with the 80's magic and style. I think Stereo have managed to captivate a fan of the 80's in the same way as a young person who did not live in that era. This album conserves a special mystery that only Stereo can transmit. Gems like the reissue of "Somewhere in the Night" or "Waiting In Vain" and "New Day Dawning" are beautiful masterpieces. It's a brilliant new record thats moved and transported me to the best of the 80's. A captivating, mysterious and fresh release!