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Side Hustle

Phoebe Nir

If you want to see a quadruple threat honoured as Presidential Scholar of the Arts at the White House, you've come to the right place.

New York City theatre maestro Phoebe Nir possesses a myriad of marketable skills and experience. Graduating from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing for Performance, she has delved into journalism, copywriting, theatre performance and music.

While attending school, Phoebe wrote, directed and produced "The Golem... Or Get These Nazis Out Of My Wedding," supervising a team of actors, singers, costume designers and other production staff. It garnered rave reviews from the university and is one of her best works to date.

On Nov. 4th, under independent label True Groove Records, Phoebe released EP 'Side Hustle', a series of several genres showcasing her state of mind while attending school up to her graduation and journey into the real world.

"Film School" chronicles the thoughts swirling around Phoebe's head while studying. It starts with a slight rock-like instrument, then Phoebe's vocals overpower it. Anticipation of "movie stars and movie deals" consumes her mind as she yearns for attainable employment in which she uses her gifts. The speed of the song's passage increases with each line sung, communicating to the audience that Phoebe believes she's chosen the right career path and will make a living from it. "Film School" teaches students that they shouldn't doubt their career choices.

"Broken Parts" transmits folk rock in a radiant expression of Phoebe's life changes. Picture limp branches of an aging tree being cut down to allow room for growth. Areas of her life causing unhappiness are eliminated so she can achieve self-realization. She is a talented artist, writer and theatre performer, and she won't let anyone stand in her way.

'Side Hustle' is recommended for aspiring artists hearing the words of naysayers. Follow your goals, and you'll discover there's room for you out there.