REVIEW album April Martin In The Blink Of A Life

Clinical Psychology Meets Country & Folk

In The Blink Of A Life

April Martin

In the 1950s, the desire to pursue a music career ignited differently from how it does today.

For five cents, you could purchase a "song sheet" from your local drug store and learn to sing the top music from that time period.

This is exactly what New York country/folk songwriter April Martin did growing up, and these moments are some of her fondest childhood memories. When she was five, her father would sing these songs with her, meanwhile teaching her the basics of musicality and vocals.

Today, April is one of the most successful clinical psychologists in New York City. Managing her own practice and studying the human psyche empowered her to release “In the Blink of a Life,” a country album with hidden doses of Leonard Cohen and Carole King.

April's career as a clinical professional has enabled her to empathize with people's tribulations. Lead single "Heart Break Doesn't Come" is soothing to those battling broken hearts, because it reminds them that it's always darkest before dawn. April's narration is curative when she leads a frightened person to "sit right over here; don't mean for them to fear, and besides the coast is clear." Close your eyes while listening to this track, and you'll feel a sense of healing.

"Looking Back" reminisces April Martin's childhood, particularly the farewell of someone around whom "a thousand people gathered, crying tears of tribute, trying to make some sense of why." Hurtful memories haunt us, but the pain will always dissipate. We may question our own actions leading up to these events; however, through her enchanting music, April teaches us that we can't allow self-deprecating thoughts to penetrate our minds.

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