REVIEW album FLAUNT The Antics Of More Youthful Times

Flaunt's Electropop Adaptation Of Entering Adulthood

The Antics Of More Youthful Times


Not everything we did as children made sense.

In fact, some of us as adults may label our actions as "antics," things we did when, arguably, our minds were "freer" than they are now.

Rewinding our lives to an unhampered time period, electronic/alternative group FLAUNT, the invention of Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito of the United States - Colorado and Maine respectively - release an EP Christmas Day entitled
'The Antics of More Youthful Times' on SoundCloud. Individual singles "Endless Vision" and "Outbreak" release Dec. 5th and Dec. 12th. As a full EP, 'The Antics of More Youthful Times' releases worldwide on Jan. 7th, 2017 on Spotify and iTunes.

The EP's artwork features a person entangled in an abstract box, struggling to maintain a confident posture. Since FLAUNT's visual-producing capabilities match its flair for audio, this scene reflects a growing adolescent fearing full maturity.

"Real Life Is Not So Cool" laments the frustration and periodic disappointment felt by a person reluctant to growing up. Everyone needs to adjust to "adulting" and realize that adulthood brings forth many positive changes that even children could never have. FLAUNT's lead vocalist is solemn throughout the song, as an electronic/techno beat permeates the background. By the time this single ends, the vocalist seems to accept reality: that he's grown up and must identify the enjoyable parts of adulthood.

"Outbreak" captures standard electropop and adds an unfamiliar twist to it. FLAUNT flavours this intense sound with an ill-defined guitar. In this song, the vocalist discusses how adolescence fades away quickly and forcefully leads into the real world. Our minds will adjust eventually, but we should always make time to do things that brought us joy as children.